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Mankinds have habitually consumed foods that are considered verified and native to their own nation for many decades. These foods are transformed into nutritional materials via digestion. In Chinese medicine, these are called as vegetable-grain’s essence. Not only do these foods contain good nutritional materials and vegetable-grain's essence, but also have substances called toxins that are harmful to the body. Excessive consumption of these kinds of foods for long periods of time will cause accumulation of toxins that lead to development of diseases from following issues.

1. Food Excretion Passageway (Stomach-Small Intestine-Large Intestine) Problem= Within 4-6 hours after consumption of food, food is broken down to liquid pastes in the stomach and sent down to small intestine for further breakdown of food with the aid of gallbladder secreting bile and pancreas secreting digestive enzymes. Small intestine has bacteria that breaks down food and removes harmful substances. Once nutrients have been reabsorbed, leftover liquid from consumed food will be sent to large intestine.   Large intestine will further reabsorb nutrients and water and eliminate the remaining waste and, additionally has bacteria that eliminate odor and gas. Small intestine is responsible for 80% of immunity. Therefore, it's important to maintain a good balance of microbes in the inner intestines to prevent wastage of digestive enzyme.   The intestine needs to be maintained, cleaned and healthy.

*Entry of Toxin= Food + Stress + Environment pollution (Water, Air, Location)

*Serotonin ("Happy" hormone=Neurotransmitter) is created 80-90% from intestinal mucus membrane.

*90% of toxins in the body has mutual relationship with fats, therefore toxins will be eliminated in conjunction with removal of fat(lipids).

2. Absorption of nutritional substance_ Problem of Excretion and nutrient passageway(Blood vessel)= Nutrients absorbed via intestines pass through portal veins to liver, then to continuous contraction of heart muscles, and end with oxygen exchange in the body. When eythrocyte becomes sticky, it cannot pass through the capillaries. Toxins(Wastes) are excreted about 30% via sweat and feces. The main source of aging is reactive oxygen species. The nutritional waste and toxins in human body are excreted as feces after passing via liver and intestines. Toxins are easily excreted if there are optimal levels of microbes. However, will be reabsorbed if there are overabundant harmful microbes(fungus) in the body. The key for detoxification is lactic fermentation with healthy microbes.

[Manifestations of Toxins(Old Waste)]

1. Chronic Fatigue 2. Weight Gain 3. Swelling or tingling sensation, soreness, or pain in body 4. Skin problems(Unknown Etiology) 5. Sticky blood cells leading to inadequate oxygen transportation, cool body temperature and low immune system 6. Hypertension, diabetes, cancer development(Decrease in 1.5% body temperature will lead to proliferation of cancerous cells)

[Disease treated by detox food and juice]

1. Spinal Stenosis, spending time lying down due to lower back pain, Arthritis( Knees, shoulders, etc), Obesity can be treated to lose 24lbs within 4 weeks without exercise.

2. Hair loss (excludes hair loss due to genetics), Grey hair(white hair)=prevent hair loss by treating skin pores and hair root.

3. Obesity= Appetite will decrease within 4-5 days after feeling hungry initially and will adjust to natural taste in the end. Even gout will be cured.

A. Types of Obesity

1) Edematous Obesity= Accumulation of toxin(Old Waste)

2) Muscular Obesity= Accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and fatigue arousing substance

3)Lipid(fat) Obesity= Accumulation of toxins in lipid cells

4. Problems with fatty liver, cholesterol, toe edema and ache, skin peeling off toes, headache, dizziness, indigestion, piercing pain upon awaking up, will become normal.

5. Prostate cancer does not easily metastize and did not exist in Korea, however, recently developed when diet habit changed to processed food. Prostate grows 4gms annually after reaching 30 years of age.

*More susceptible to developing prostate inflammation or cancer if bicycle is ridden for more than 1 hour. Taxi drivers and those who spend lots of time sitting down needs to take precautions.

* Sea Mustard, seaweed, detox juice and detox medicine is helpful.

6. When there are adequate amounts of good microbes in the small intestines, will be less susceptible to avian influenza, new types of flu, colds, etc.

7. When there are stress, intestinal membrane becomes thinner causing diarrhea, IBS, arthritis pain, and headache. If there are 85% lactobacillus and 15% harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract, there won’t' be any attacks by diseases. Diseases develop when there are more harmful "bad" bacteria.

8. 100 million of lactobacillus is excreted during a day. If lactobacillus is not generated, different types of dysfunctions occur such as obesity, insomnia, and uneased feelings.

9. Women excrete toxins(wastes) via menses whereas men excrete toxins(wastes) via sweat and bowel movements. Amenorrhea due to hysterectomy cannot excrete toxins(wastes), causing allergies and skin diseases that can be treated with proliferated lactobacillus(by taking detox juice).

10. Diarrhea and heartburn after taking antibiotics for a month and having genetically weak stomach= cured after 20 days of taking lactobacillus and also treated presbyopia. Diabetic glucose level decreased and lactobacillus removed inflammation of blood vessels.

11. Taking anti-inflammatory steroids and chemotherapy drugs for rheumatism or excessive intake of foods made out of flour= Small intestine is responsible for 90% of immunity, therefore, detox juice was fed to proliferate the lactic acid bacteria resolving the skin and knee joint pain.

12. Infertility= Lactobacillus creates a sperm-friendly environment as a form of treatment.

13. Constipation and Diarrhea= Constipation is caused by accumulation of toxins(old waste) in the large intestine while diarrhea is dependent on the bacteria inside small intestine. Constipation and diarrhea develops after taking laxative solutions for colonoscopy due to complete removal of lactobacillus, needs to be treated with detox juice to proliferate lactobacillus in the intestinal tracts.

14. Taking contraceptive pills will lower vitamin B and lactobacillus.

15. Breast cancer, gastric cancer= Develops due to lacking lactobacillus that dissolves meat.

A. Animal nature Lactobacillus= Dissolves meat

B. Vegetative nature Lactobacillus= Dissolves vegetables

16. Kimchi Lactobacillus(Lactic acid bacteria)

1) Weight gain even from drinking water- 3 months of intake will change lactobacillus and cells in the body.

2) Lactobacillus multiply within 3 months of maintaining kimchi and transforms in to amino acid materials once it's fermented for too long.

3) Kimchi can prevent SARS(Severe acute respiratory syndrome) and lower the rates of new types of flu.

17. The lactobacillus in the small intestine and large intestines are different. Therefore, there are sphincter muscles separating them. Small intestine lactobacillus is stored in the appendix, and is killed when it travels down to large intestine. Thus, cannot remove appendix without justifiable reason. When lactobacillus of small intestine enters large intestine, it causes adverse reaction such as gas and bloated distended stomach.

[Detox Diet]

1. Skip a meal in a day. Instead of a meal, eat detox food with fermented sauce.

* Detox foods give sensation of fullness and fermented sauce gives flavor and nutrients as additional side dish.

*Detox food= Sweet potato, cherry tomato, taro, corns, kimchi

Cooking preparation is easy. Brown rice is good, however, needs side dish for eating.

* Side dish and main food(Food that can be eaten without being cooked)= cucumber, carrots, pepper, paprika, onions, anchovies, seaweeds, dashima, garlic stalks, cabbage, broccoli

2. Fermented Sauce Foods

A. Hot body type(Warm body)= Cold -like foods such as seaweeds, dashima, leafy vegetable, cucumbers, etc, needs to be dipped in fermented sauce.

B. Cold body type(Cold body)= Hot-like foods such as garlic stalks, pepper, onions, leek, fermented soybean paste stew, fish, etc, needs to be dipped in fermented sauce.

3.Banned Foods= Flour processed foods, fried foods, meat, instant foods, alcohol

Foods made of flour proliferate harmful bacteria in the intestines, so should not eat flour processed foods.

Digestive enzymes cannot be consumed. Digestive enzymes are created from all organs and secreted via pancreas, however the immunity is decreased when digestive enzymes are excessively consumed during metabolism. If antibiotics are taken for long periods of time and killed off all beneficial intestinal bacteria, it will take 100 days to generate intestinal beneficial microbes again. Immunity will go up when digestive enzymes are less consumed.

Eating small amounts is important in detoxification.

4. Food container instructions

Plastic wrap usage precautions= Plastic wrap might melt once it is used in a microwave and release harmful substance, don't use if possible, however, minimize space between the food and wrap if it is being used.

[Stages of toxin manifestations]

Stage One- Chronic fatigue, sore neck and shoulders

Stage Two-Worsening chronic fatigue, pain in the neck and shoulders, weight gain

*Subjective pain becomes severe pain.

Stage Three- Uneased feeling after voiding. Pain during rain or cold weather.

Stage Four- Worsening stage 3 symptoms and extending pain throughout body

Stage Five-Beginning of diseases

Stage Six-Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia(Untreatable), can only be treated with fermented foods

Foods=Peppers, garlic, cabbage, sesame leaf, broccoli, bell peppers, cucumbers, seaweeds, dashima, soybean mixed with hot pepper sauce

Chinese Herbal Medicine=Huttuynia cordate, liquorice, jujube, lycium, mate, cotenelian cherries are soaked with lactobacillus for fermentation for 1-2 days and can be take for effectiveness.

*Liquorice is minimally used for poor kidneys.

Gb21= Becomes knotted due to stress or over work, knots indicate toxins.

Rn12=Ingestion of spoiled food cause distention and pain.

Liv14=Accumulation of stress causes pain and spasms.

*Sweet potato and potato should not taken before glucose test, can be eaten afterwards.

[How to make detox juice]








Prepare I-IV by boiling in water and blending into juice and keep it refrigerated until ready to drink for couple of days. Once ready to drink, prepare V-VI and added to already prepared juice, drink a cup for three times a day. Instead of drinking it like water, sip and chew as if eating a meal. The amount of each ingredients can be adjusted according to one's preference. The amount of each ingredients don't play a role in its effectiveness, therefore, the amount is not written in stone.

2. Daily intake in a day

1) Healthy person= 2-3 cups

2) Cancer patient=17 cups

[What is fermented sauce]

(Sauce) since ancient times from China, Korea, Japan, has been eaten frequently as seasoning and main food ingredient. The term sauce started BC 8 century, Zhou dynasty in China, in those time, many different ethnic background people lived together under a loose national structure which led to shared food culture. Then, people migrated into specific areas such as Korea and Japan and cultivated separate traditions along with development of sauce with distinct characteristics.

In Korea, after BC 2000 years, pasty sauce was separated into soy sauce and soybean sauce. Soy sauce became a seasoning and soybean sauce was used widely as main food. Additionally, adding hot pepper to soybean created a hot pepper sauce which was used.

Foods that contain lactobacillus

Types of Sauce

Lactobacillus Dosage(1g)

Total daily consumption

Soy Sauce



Soybean Paste


Soup prepared with bean


Hot pepper sauce




1. How to make soy sauce, soybean paste sauce

1)Soy Sauce= Every year from mid-November, new beans are soaked for one day, then boiled for about 5 hours and broken down into mortar and tied to rice straw. Once white fungus is cultivated for a month in the shades then another month to fermented into Meju.

2)In January, clean water is added into potsherd pot along with sea salt. Meju is carefully cleaned with a brush and dipped into salt water, then dry off the water and place it into potsherd pot.

The amount of salt water is adequate if the uncooked egg is 25% floating in the potsherd pot. Pepper, jujube, charcoal is cleaned with salt water and placed in the potsherd pot, and the lid is closed. The potsherd pot must be maintained after cleaning the outside of the pot.

After 2 months, Meju and salt water transformed into a brown liquid, brown liquid needs to be separated into a pot and boiled on 80 of temperature slowly until cooled which becomes the soy sauce. Place a hemp cloth over a pot and further separate the sauce by pouring it over the hemp cloth. Further ferment the soy sauce in the pot to create the best tasting soy sauce.

2)Soybean Sauce= The meju that was retrieved from the potsherd pot, is crushed with adequate amounts of soy sauce, and put a little bit of salt if not salty enough. If the soybean paste is a slightly salty, the color does not change. Then, place it inside the potsherd pot again and pressed it well. Additionally add 2 cups of prepared soy sauce, and close the lid for fermentation. It takes more than 6 months for complete fermentation.

2. How to make Hot Pepper Sauce

The meju that was obtained from the making of soy bean, is dried into powder, then mixed with rice, sticky rice or wheat or sorghum powder(steamed and crushed into powder). The above is mixed with hot pepper powder then barley sprout, syrup, salt for fermentation.

*Soybean paste and hot pepper sauce is also fermented in potsherd pot.

3. Sauce prepared with bean

1) Beans that are prime are selectively picked and soaked overnight, then boiled in high flame until it becomes mushy then boil further in low flame.

2)Cooled boiled beans are placed on to cotton cloth then covered with cotton cloth for 2-3 days and fermented in 40 until lactobacillus is multiplying.

4. How to make Kimchi

Kimchi's main ingredient is China's 白菜(Chinese Cabbage) which was registered as Kimchi Cabbage on April 2014 via 44th Codex, however, called “Baechu” in Korea.

1) First, Kimchi Cabbage is salted for approximately 2 to 8 hours( time required for salting differs according to season), then hot pepper powder, sliced radish, scallions, garlic, ginger, shrimp or anchovy fish sauce, etc, is mixed with kimchi cabbage leaves for fermentation until ready to eat.

* 8-10days after kimchi is made, lactobacillus is proliferated. Lactobacillus becomes multiplies for the first 3 months.

* Sour tastes signifies that it has changed to amino acid properties.

If you cannot make it yourself, fermentation foods became a commodity in large industries despite the fact that it's a traditional food, therefore, make sure to check whether it's fermented from iron, plastic containers or chemical spices has been used or if quality ingredients has been used or where it has been made from before purchasing from a store.