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The Theory of Yin and Yang

1) Theory of Yin and Yang

   Ancient experts recognized natural phenomenon and physical matter into separate entities Yin and Yang.   In nature, duality of life force(matter and phenomenon) coexist and that is represented by the symbol of water and fire.   Ying and Yang can siimply explained as 24 hours in a day which is divided into 'day'(Yang = fire) and 'night'(Yin = water) or in one year winter(Yin = water) and summer(Yang = fire).   There are more 'states' that are inbetween Yin and Yang because the energy changes state in alternating fashion.   If we continue our anology of 'a day' we must realize that there is a 'morning'(middle of Yin and Yang) that starts the cycle, 'noon'(Yang), 'sunset'(middle of Ying and Yang) and, finally 'night'(Yin).
   The transformation  of states between Yin and Yang, opposition of Yin and Yang, to the interdependenance of Yin and Yang, mutual of Yin and Yang, to inter-transformation of Yin and Yang is translated into the human body as Qi(aka 'chi' , Yang) and blood, fluid(Yin), if the balance is broken the human body could develop diseases and ailments.   The treatments using acupuncture, moxa, cupping and other methods are used to bring the body into balance to heal the body.

Phenomenon                      Body  
Yin Yang Yin Yang
Water Fire Blood Qi
Moon Sun Front Back
Shade Bright Pale Red
Rest Activity Rest Activity
Heaven Earth Head Feet
Flat Round External Internal
Space Time Lateral Medial
West East Right Left
Right Left Structual Function
Below Above Below Waist Above Waist
Descending Rising Nutritive Qi(chi) Defensive Qi(chi)
Contracting Expansion Yin Organ Yang Organ
Inmaterial Material Body Mind

2) Theory of Five Elements

The Universe is divided into Heaven(Yang) and Earth(Yin) and of all the heavenly bodies Jupiter(Wood), Mars(Fire), Saturn(Earth as in Land), Venus(metal), Mercury(Water) are recognized as corresponding to the internal organs's properties and it's external circumstances are listed as follows:
Classification Wood         Fire          Earth        Metal        Water      
Developing Birth Growth None Autumn Winter
Directions East South Center West North
Colours Green Red Yellow White Black
Tastes Sour Bitter Sweet Pungent Salty
Climents Wind Heat Dampness Dryness Storage
Planets Jupiter Mars Saturn Venus Mercury
Animals Fish Bird Human Animals Shell Cover
Animals Sheep Fowl Ox Dog Pig
Organ(Yin) Liver Heart Spleen Lung Kidney
Organ(Yang) Gallbladder Intestine Stomach Lower Intestine Bladder
Tissues Sinus Tongue Mouth Nose Bones
Emotions Anger Joy Pensiveness Sadness Fear
Sound Shouting Laughing Singing Crying Groaning
Number 8 7 5 9 6
Grains Wheat Bean Rice Hemp Millet