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Spinal Cord Damage

spinal cord damage

[Conception] Spinal cord damage is a nerve disorder that causes limb paralysis. There are various causes of spinal cord damage but the most commonly seen ones are acute or chronic myelitis, spine trauma, myelorrhagia, spinal cord press, spinal cord deformans disease. In chinese medicine, atrophy syndrome pertains to this disease. Governing channel becomes damaged, leading to stagnant Qi-Blood in the belt vessel which is known as the source of spinal cord damage.

[manifestation]Generally, according to different locations(sections) of spinal cord injury, symptoms such as below the limbs and body movement disorder can be manifested and can be accompanied by sensory troubles such as retention of urine or incontinence of urine, hard stool or stool incontinence.

The skin of injured limbs and body are usually stiff and cold with abnormal secreting functions of sweat glands. Partially, in this cases, some patients might develop bedsores or pressure ulcers from lying down.



Principle treatment: Regulate governing channel

Main point: Generally, will select 1-2 spines above and below the damaged backbone, which is the known as HTJJ point or back transporting point.

Extra Point: Selection of nerve controlling passage point via myoparalysistomi of four limbs.

[prescribed example]