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Skin Burn and Scalding

Sudden accidents and mistakes sometimes cause Skin Burn and/or Scalding of the Skin.   Burning of the skin is caused by fire contacting the skin and Scalding is caused by hot objects such as water contacting the skin.   The skin affected by 'heat toxin' will be throbing and will be painful and when it heals, it will leave a scar.

I have been using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to heal Skin Burns and Scalding with great success.   When you have Burn or Scalding, the affected area will ooze out bodily fluid that may arrange from semi-clear to semi-yellow and, there will be throbbing and there will be sharp pains which are hard to withstand.  

After about 2-3 minutes of Acupuncture, most of the bodily fluid will flow out  and, after about 25 minutes, the bodily fluid will stop oozing out of the body and the throbbing will stop.  

After about 1 week, scabs will fall off and during this time it is important to keep up with the Acupuncture Treatment which, will significantly reduce the formation of scars and will help the skin be firm.


Acupuncture Treatment :

Point : GbXX, UbXX, KiX, SpXX, SjX, Ashi Point

Remark :

1. for very severe burns and scalding, there is no way to prevent scarring but, throbbing & sharp pain could be eliminated.   However, 2nd degree burn and/or scalding scars could be eliminated.

2. Acupuncture alone will have good results but, if Herbal Medicine is used at the same time, the results are even greater.