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Qi, Blood and Body Fluid

Qi, blood and body fluid are fundamental substances which maintain the normal vital activities of the human body, they are the material foundation for the physical functions of the zang-fu organs, tissues and meridians.

1) Qi

According to ancient Chinese thought, Qi was fundamental substance sonstituting the universe and, all phenomenom were produced by the changes and movement of Qi.   Generally speaking, the word 'Qi' in traditional Chinese medicine denotes both the essential substances of the human body which maintian its vital activities and, the functional activites zang-fu organs and tissues.   Essential substances are the foundation of functional activities, in this sense, Qi is too rarefied to be seen and it's existence is manifested in the functions of the zang-fu organs.   All vital activities of the human body are explained by changes and movement of Qi.

(1) classification of Qi

a. Yuanqi = primary Qi
b. Zongqi = pectorial Q
c. Yingqi = nutrient Qi
d. Weiqi = defensive Qi

(2) functions of Qi

a. promoting function
b. warming function
c. defensive function
d. control substances
e. regulate metabolic products
f. transformation
g. nourishing function

2) Blood

Blood is red liquid circulating in the vessels and, is a vital nutrient substance in the body

(1) formation and circulation of blood
as the fundamental substances required in blood formation originate from food essence produced by the spleen ans stomach, these two organs are regarded as the source of Qi and Blood

(2) functions of blood

blood circulates throughout the body, passing through the five zang and six fu organs in thee interior and, the skin, muscles, tendons and bones on the exterior, in this way blood nourishes and moistens the various tissues and organs of the body.

3) body fluid

body fluid is a collective term for all the normal fluids of the body, these are saliva, gastric juice, intestinal juice and, the liquids in the joint cavities, as well as ters, nasal discharge, sweat and urine.

(1)formation and distribution of the Body Fluid
body fluid is formed from food and drink after their digestion and absorption by the spleen and stomach, the distribution and execretion of body fluid principally rely on the spleen's function of transportation, the lung's function of dispersing and descending and regulating wate passages and the kidney's function of controlling urination and separating the clear and the turbid of these organs, the kidney is the most important.

(2) function of body fluid(Jinye)
body fluid moistens and nourishes various parts of the body, there are noticeable difference however, in the nature, form and location of different types of body fluid.   Clear and this fluids are referred to as 'Jing' while 'Jing' is distributed on the muscula surface and, has function of warming and nourishing the muscle and moistening the skin.  'Ye' is storedin the joints and orifices and has the function of moistening the joints, strengthen the brain and marrow and nourishing the orifices as both 'Jing' and 'Ye' are normal fluids in the body and are derived from the same source the Qi of blood essence - they maybe transformed into each other.