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Obesity develops when, there are more nutrients in the body than needed which, the body turns into fat. Of course, people know that food is related to obesity but, what is the reason that some people are not free from obesity?

Until now, scientific terms have been used to sell manufactured pills and/or self made pills. To say it again, obesity has been explained in the scientific/medical community as having a certain percent ratio between body and fat classifications, etc and other "scientific" terms to sell mass manufactured pills.

For example, a few years ago, there was a well known Japanese pharmaceutical company that sold "Fat Loss" pills and made millions; the drug they peddled turned out to be 'Bang Feng Tong Sheng San'(Traditional Herbal Medicine).

'Bang Feng Tong Sheng San' could provide slight help in weight loss but, it is not medicine for weight loss - it is actually to treat high blood pressure.

The drug barely reduced weight and the manufacturer quietly stopped producing the drug. Back in the days of Kings and Emperors, such as China, Korea and, Japan only a few percent of the ruling class had obesity and therefore the majority of people did not have obesity. Europe must have been the same.

Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine beginnings cannot be clearly known.The points of St36 and Li10 when needles are placed moves the intestines, as was discovered a very long time ago but, let's not claim "discovery" by taking CAT Scans and calling it our "own discovery".

Let's find out how to be free from Obesity.

In Obesity, Food intake and bodily activity are very important therefore, it is important to compare the difference between "Past" and "modern" food.

[Past and Modern Food]

1. Animal Meat: We could hunt for animals but, without guns, we would have to hunt with arrows and spears. By shear luck we might have caught an animal but, the preservation of meat could not be done. The hunt was shared among everyone and over-eating was not possible.

 2. Seafood: Modern mass fishing ships did not exist and the methods were not as efficient. the small scale netting and rod fishing could not supply steady amount of seafood.

 3. Farming: Without modern day farming there were not enough grains. Without modern processing methods, there weren't any ultra fine powder of grains. Many of the grains were consumed whole.

Past and Modern Food

Food Variety

Past &


Procuring Method


Innovation Used

Animal Meat


Hunting, Minor Domestication


Arrows, Spear


Mass Animal Production



Plant Food


Farming and Gathering

grain with skin

Past farming


Industrial Farming

Inside Kernel,





Primitive Fishing rods, spears


Hand Drawn Nets


Industrial Fishing


Machine drawn nets

[Digestive Organ Function]

Function after mouth: From the Esophagus to the Anus, when substances are introduced, will create movement to push food down.When we eat unprocessed food, the digestive internal tract works harder.

When powdered and fatty food is consumed, intestine walls get coprostasis(feces stuck on intestine wall) which, leads to amonia gas as well as indol, amine and, phenol.   Intestine functionality is blocked, skin and body starts smelling worse; high blood pressure and diabetes inducing conditions occur. The point is, the body likes unprocessed food.

[Energy, definition]

æ°£[pronounced 'Qi'](Energy or power) : æ°”(vapor,steam of breath) + ç±³(rice) = they are considered the building blocks of the world. More specifically speaking, the things we cannot see are considered 'Energy(or Power). One drop of water if divided into Oxygen and Hydrogen, could not be seen. As such Energy could not be normally be seen, when specific functions are performed, it could be seen by the naked eye. When the body is moving, it needs energy, which comes from materials and is obtained from food.

[Buddist Food] : Buddhists who lives in temples, how would their food differ?

Buddhism believes in reincarnation, therefore they believe beings come back in different life forms after dying. And life is not something humans make therefore, killing an animal is prohibited. Buddhists do not consume animals and fish.   Buddhists eat grains and plant varieties including mushrooms and fern.   They do not marry and spend their lives alone to become enlightened. As they get old, they prepare for the eventual end of their lives. Buddhist monks will cleanse their bodies and burn their meager possession and assume a correct position before finally dying. Buddhist monks do not eat meat, they will only eat grains and plant and cultivate their minds. Therefore, even at an old age, their minds and body remain clean and uplifted. Additionally, cremation is normally done. 'Sari' is the substance that is created after cremation is done for monks. The amount of 'Sari' is believed to be the result of the enlightenment of the cremated buddhist monk.

Water flowing...
Birds singing...
Forest with natural vegetables...
Buddhists/taoists lived this way...

Budda Temple Food : Dhwinamul, Edible shoots of a fastsia, Bracken, Lotus, Mushroom, Ligularia Fisheri, Ballon Flower, Condonopsis Lancedata, Lxerris Dentata, Yam, Percimmon Wine, Pine Cone Wine, many varities of Den of Mountain, in addition, Soy Sauce and Bean Sauce.

[Change in Food]













Chinese Radish


In the past, rich people ate the root & poor people ate the leaves

In the present,  rich people eat the leaves & poor people eat the root.

Edible Mountain Vegetation :

Shepherd's purse, Bower actinidia shoots, Sweet potatoes shoots, Hot pepper leaves, Bean leaf, Perila leaf, Allium monanthum, Alliumtuberosum, Pumpkin leaf, Ballon flower, Codenopsis, warm wood, dropwort, Oak Fruit, Rhus verniciflua. These are just some of the things that are edible.

 These 'DEN OF MOUNTAIN' are good for the intestines and makes the body younger and stronger. Specially, if one lives in the mountains, the body will not be polluted and in it's natural state.

 [When do you feel Hunger?] : In the intestinal tract, the Cardiac Sphincter and the Pyloric Sphincter squeeze tight to not let food and waste pass without control.

After food enters the stomach, continuous movement creates digested paste.

About 4 - 6 hours later, Vagus N will know digested paste is created and opens the Pyloric Sphincter to pass to the small intestine.

Therefore, the body feels hunger 3 times a day, and if this natural rhythm is broken by eating constantly, we are more prone to disease and illnesses.

[Sweet, Oily Food if, over eaten] : As we explored, with the advancement of science and technology, we are all able to eat delicious foods and oily meats any time we desire. Which causes excessive fat to store in our body and to break the natural cycle of our bodies - those usually cause bodily problems.

For example, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, difficulty of breath, gall-stone, arthritis, depression, fatty liver, infertility, hyperlipemia, skin disease, skin red swelling, vessel disease ... etc could be originated from over-eating.

Of course, there are people that are fat even if they do not over eat but, thoses instances are very small. In most cases, eating sweet and oily/fatty foods cause obesity which could result in high blood pressure and diabetes.

[Obesity Treatment]

Obesity Treatment Theory : Eliminate Hunger & Fat, Protein, Energy depletion by moving.

1. Acupuncture :
Needle Acupuncture                                                           Aricular Acupuncture (aka "Ear Seed")

[** Add Pix Later **]

2. Food :Breakfast could be a large meal,

             Lunch of moderate size and

             Dinner of a small size OR none at all

 ** grains that only contain the kernels, processed foods, fatty meats need to be avoided and even fatty fish is to be avoided. Plant based food should be consumed whole (with skin). Foods that promote digestion such as vegetables and fruits should be consumed. Fruits need to be consumed with skin.

 3. Exercise : 1 mile walk everyday.

 Diet program#1


Break first




boiled barley + Brown rice +black bean 300ml, dried radish leaves seasoning

boiled barley+corn 300ml ripen hot pepper

1hour after fraragrant tea, pear,grape

if starving too much

dry radish leaves season


boiled brown rice with black bean 300ml,bean sauce soup 1cup,ripen hot pepper


barley+Sorghum+Foxtall Millet 300ml,

1 hour after Fragnrant tea

if starving,eat bracken seasoning


Boiled brown rice+barley+Coix seed 300ml,onion season

ripen hot pepper

barley+Sorghum+Foxtall millet 300ml,sweed

Fragrant tea

fruit,dryed bellflower root season


Brown rice + black bean + barley + coix seed 300ml ripen hot pepper

barley + Sorghum + Foxtall millet 300ml

Fragrant tea, if staving, eat chwinamul seasoning


Black rice + black bean+

Tuna fish 300ml, ripen hot pepper

barley + Sorghum + Foxtall millet 300ml

fragrant tea. if hungry, eat Bracken seasoning


Corn + Black rice barley 300ml, ripen hot pepper

barley + Sorghum + Foxtall millet 300ml

Fragment tea, if starving, eat eat dried radish seasoningg


Corn + barley 300ml, black bean, ripen hot pepper


barley + brown rice + black bean + Foxtall millet 300ml

fragment tea, if hungry, eat scalion seasoning

1. Dried Chinese Radish Leaves Seasoning : submerge in water for 2 hours, boil and get rid of water. Olive Oil 1 drop, Sesame Seed Oil 1 drop, a dash of black pepper powder, bit of garlic, scallions sliced thin. Mix all the ingredients and eat.

2. 'Chwinamul' Seasoning : Submerge moderate amount in water, bring to a boil and separate from water. Add finely sliced scallions, soy sauce, black pepper, bit of garlic, 1 drop of olive oil or sesame oil and mix together.

3. Mushroom seasoning: Boil water and put in Mushrooms for a short amount of time. Add sliced scallions, 1 drop of oil (Olive or Sesame), garlic, fresh green pepper, soysauce and mix together.

5. Edible Shoots of Fastise: get the tender leaves and slightly boil then, dip with Oriental Hot Pepper Sauce.

6. Shepherd's purse seasoning: Harvest around the end of February, slightly boil and mix with: 1 drop of olive or sesame oil, bit of hot pepper sauce or black pepper, 1 scallion, sliced hot peppers, and small amout of soysauce then, serve.

7.Backen Seasoning: For fresh version, slightly boil and eliminate water. For dried version, soak in water, then boil. Add: 1 drop of olive oil or seasame oil, finely sliced fresh hot pepper, 1 individual garlic, soy sauce, hot pepper sauce, 1 finely sliced scallion. Mix and serve.

8. Allium Monanthum Seasoning: slightly boil and eliminate water. Add: 1 drop of olive oil or sesame oil, bit of hot pepper sauce ot black pepper powder, soy sauce, garlic, 1 finely sliced scallion, bit of sliced fresh hot pepper. Mix and serve.

9. Dropwort Seasoning: slightly boil then eliminate water. Add 1 drop of olive oil or sesame oil, garlic, finely sliced scallion, soysauce, hot pepper sauce. Mix and serve.

Recommended Food:

Sorghum & Grain

Foxtall Millet & Grain

Barley & Grain

Condonopsis & Dish

Ballon Flower Root & Dish

Dropwort & Dish

Oak Fruit & Dish

Shepherd's Purse

Ixeridium Dentatum

Sweet Potato Shoot

Hot Pepper Leaves

Bean Leaves

String Bean

Perillar Leaves

Also Recommend:

Green Leaf
Hydroponics Lettus
Horse Radish
Collard Green
Bok Choy
Broccli Rabe