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Lower Back Pain, Chronic

2.chronic lower back pain


There are many sources of chronic lower back pain. Mostly, it occurs when acute sprain is left untreated or from repeated sprain, or when muscle and sinew becomes strained. Additionally, chronic lower lumbar ligamentous strain, spondylosis, spinal osteoathritis, prolapsed lumbar disc also causes pain. Whereas, kidney deficiency, damaged genital tissues in pelvic cavity can cause pain.

According to Chinese medicine theory, deficiency of Kidney is the source of pain since waist is house of Kidney. Kidney is not the only source of lower back pain. Kidney is correlated with bladder, leading to foot taiyang channel lumbar area to circulate along with muscle regions, which results in pain and soreness if there is kidney deficiency, loss or weakness in foot taiyang channel's energy, or invasion of wind-damp in the waist.

[manifestation]Lower back soreness, in worst form, can travel to whole back, partial back, buttocks, thigh, calf and even down to sole of foot. Pain is aggravated during cold, damp and raining weather but alleviated during movement but soon after, has pulling and stiff pain. Pain is aggravated when tired and does not like to pressed on that location due to pain.


1.acupuncture stimulation

principle treatment: Promote healing of tissue, Regulates Du & Ub channel of Qi

main point:Tender point, Ub40, UB60

Extra point:Ub22,Ub21,Yaoyen

Method:stimulate main point mid or strong, tender with spasm place with 3-directional needle, extra point includes firing needle and electro acupuncture application.


main point: tender point, 1-2 drop bleeding


Main point:Ub23, Ub25,Du4,shiqizhu,Du3

Method:indirect moxa 1-3, once a every day or every other day, 2-3 point every time

4. cupping

main point:Ub23,Du3,Ub32, once a every day or every other day,

5.auricula acupuncture:lumbo-sacral vertebrae,shenmen,brain, adrenal

Method:turn needle few minutes retaining 15-20/m, or embedding, once every day or put ear seed

[Prescription exception]

1.Pulling and Stiff lower back:Du121,Du6,Du2,Du1,Ub10<Ub17,RN9,Ub20,Ub27,Ub28

aversion to cold:Ub32, Ub57

back pain with stiff:Ub52,Gb25


Can't look over back by lower back pain:Liv5

Back Stiff & convulsion: Ub13

lower back bent to front & can't contract the nape's sinew:Gb20


4.Kidney deficiency:Ub233,Du26,Ub40


suddenly stagnation of Qi and can't fall face down:Ub52,Liv2

pulling pain with superior part pain:Li4/Pulling pain with inferior pain:Ub60,Ki7

Severe pain:Gb20,Li4,Ub60

5.pain with stasis in lower part:Ub40:bloodletting/Ub23,Ub60:Moxa

6.pain:Li15,Gb30,Gb31,St36,Ub40:indirect moxa/Ub57,Gb38,Ub60,Du2,Ub23

L vertebrae is like stone & Painful:Du2,Ub40,Ki1,Ub27

7.Can't walk:Liv13,Du2,Ub40:Bloodletting/Ub60:moxa7

8.kidney deficiency:Ub23,Ub40,Ki1,Ub30

Stiff & Pain:Du26,Ub40

9disc:Du3:acupuncture with moxa/Ub⨉⨉

Disc & scietica neuralgia:Gb⨉⨉+nh=electro acupuncture

Lower back pain:Ub23/Du3, Du4,Shiqizhu:moxa

herbal medicine:⨉⨉⨉⨉tang

Healing rate is above 90%