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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

carpal tunnel syndrome

[conception] It is a tendosynovitis, in which there is symptoms of finger numbness, tingling sensation, soreness, and pain when medial nerve of wrist area is impacted by swelling and hypertrophy of digit manus flexor ligament. In Chinese medicine, this disease or "numbness" pertains to "Bi-Syndrome." The main sources are invasion of Cold-Damp into sinew, or invasion of wind pathogenic factors into skin, or carpal tunnel syndrome could form when blood becomes stagnant in meridian after slight trauma such as falling down, which prevents dispersion and extension of Qi-Blood.

[manifestation]numbness of finger and pricking pain is aggravated at night. In the latter period, palm's thenar eminence muscle becomes atrophied and muscular strength decreases.



principle treatment:invigorate blood,remove obstructions from connecting channels

Main point:Pc7,shanbaxie

extra point:Pc6 od Sj5

[prescribed example]

(1)numbs of hand & finger:Sj10,Li11,Lu8,Sj6,Si5,Si4,Li9,Li4

(2) finger Stiff:Lull/hand painPc5/ tingling:Pc8

(3)numb of finger/ pain:Si3,Li2,Baxie

herbal medicine:XXXXX tang