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Bronchial Asthma

This is a disease where a person is easily irritated and/or has oversensitivity to a point where paroxymal breathing is a major character.   Symptoms can flare anytime during the four seasons but, it is especially apparent during the changing of the seasons and if there is an environmental change/shift in the air.   The sudden reactions can be attributed but not limited to : House Dust, Mite's fecal matter, fungal spores and, dogs and cats.

The most allergenic substances are protein from skin, urine, paint, petrol fumes, perfumes which you can breath in.   There are also fish, crab... and other kinds of proteins that can cause bronchial spasms.   Sometimes, diseases (for example : paranasal sinusitis, appendicitis, parasitism) could trigger new allergies to develop.   And Asthma could be triggered by emotional states in which emotions are aggrivated.   From  the Chinese Theory of Medicine, 'Xiao' and 'Chuan' are two separate symptoms.   Breathlessness is a 'Chuan', the thing the that has sound in larynx is 'Kiao'.   The getting of the illness are involved with three organs of Lung-Spleen-Kidney.   Mostly wind-cold enters the Lungs and creats Phlegm-dampness which causes the blockage leading to dispersing dysfunction.   Lung Qi has roots int he Kidney, and if Asthma persists for a long time, Kidney Qi becomes weak and it cannot receive the Qi from the Lung.


Onset, mostly happens at night, with sudden chest tightness, breathlessness, difficulty in breathing.   In severe cases, shortness of breath leads to longer exhalation and there are irregular breathing sounds upon auscultation.   Oxygen deprevation could occur in urgent situations.   In the early/initial stage, the symptoms are dry coughing with sticky phlegm and later on slightly less adhesive phlegm will come loose from the coughing.   The initial stage could be anywhere between a few minutes to a few days and the initial stage of symptoms may continue.   The pulse could be wirly-slippery or fine-rapid and the tongue is white-slippery.   Repeated exposure to the disease and/or long duration of the disease could cause Pulmonary Emphydema and later on also cause Heart Disease from 'primary of lung'.


1. Acupuncture

Treatment Principle : release the exterior, restore the dispersing and descending of Lung Qi, Expel Wind, Eliminate Phlegm

Main Point : Dingchuan, Rn22, Rn21, Ki26
Extra Point : St40, Du14, Li4, Rn4, St36

Tech : Mild or Strong Stimulation, Dingchuan, Retain and manipulate few minutes, Rn22(On this point the needle is not retained).   Rn21 and Ki26 one 'cun' subcutaneously for four directions, also retain and for a few minutes manipulate the needle.   if Asthma is chronic Rn4 and St36 are used additionally.

2. Auricula : used on the onset/initial stages

Main Point : Lung, Kidney, Adrenal, Sympathetic nerve

Tech : Every time, select 2-3 point or puncture for 30-60 minutes to find out tender point

3. Seven star needles : used on the onset/initial stages

Hit seven star needle on the skin of the nape and upper back where it is between the two Ub channels.   If the correct point is hit with  the needle, you will get a sense of heat and a feeling of ease for breathing.

4. Moxa : Relief Term : In summer, moxa is customarily used to treat Asthma.

Main Point : Du14, Ub12, Ub13, Rn17

Tech : grain size every time 3-5 each point

5. Cupping : Moving cupping @ both side of upper vertebra

6. Paste :

Point : Du14, ub13, Ub43, Rn21, Rn17


(1) BaiJieZi (Sinapis albae) 31.25g , Gansui (Euphobia kansui) 15.7g , Xixin (Asarum) 15.7g , kept in powder form in air tight container and if used will be mixed/kneaded with extracted ginger juice and made into paste.   The paste is applied to 2-3 points and cleaned off 30-60 minutes later.   The point of application of the paste may cause heat, numbness  and, pain sensations and may also cause blisters.   This method is used on Summer's first 10 day period (known as the dog days), middle period of Summer, the third of the three periods of Summer - performed once per term for a total of 3 times.

(2) BaiJieZi powder paste : used on the onset/initial stage.   Fresh powder of BaiJieZi is kneaded/mixed with pure water and then applied to the two Scapula for 30 to 60 minutes.   The skin will feel slight heat and may feel slight pain sensation but, it will not form blisters.   This treatment is effective against light Asthma.

[prescribed example]

(1) Ub10, Gb20, St13, Si14, Ub11, Un12, Ub13, Ub14, Ub15, Ub41, Ub43, Li4
(2) Ub12, Ub16, Rn22, Rn17, Gb21, Rn12, Rn6, Lu7, St36, Sp6
(3) Dingchuan, Rn17, Pc6, Du14, Zhongchuan, St40
(4) Rn21, Rn6, Rn17, Liv14, Du9 : Moxa : instantly stop breatlessness
(5) those who have 'push' Ub13, 'down', get sore and pain
(6) Lu2, St9 and, Ki25 are used for someone who cannot breath with breathlessness to Rebellion Qi.  
     Rn22, Rn20, Rn17, Rn21, Li3
(7) Lu1, Lu2, Lu3, Rn20, Ub13 : moxa
(8) Shortness of breath with crying like tiger : Rn22, Rn17, Ub13, St36, Rn12, Un42, Rn6, Rn4, St18
(9) all Asthma & Qi tight : Rn22, Rn21, Rn20, Rn17, St18, Liv14, Rn6, Du9
     Asthma : Rn21, Rn20, Rn17, Gb21, Si15, Lu9, St36 : moxa
(10) XXXXXXX + CX + TX + LuX : Electro-acupuncture stimulation

      Herbal Medicine : 1. XXXtang
                              2. XXXXtang


From Chinese view point of theory, there is broad sense and narrow.   The Broad sense includs the disease of Heart and Lung.   In Narrow sense point, Bronchial Asthma.   If Bronchial Asthma occurs repeatedly, the course of the disease becomes Chronic.   Frequent onset of Bronchial Asthma causes the Bronchia or Bronchus to weaken and respiratory tract infection becomes easier to start.   If Bronchitis exists at the same time, Asthma and Respiratory Inflammation needs to be treated at the same time.   If the onset of Asthma is continued for extended periods of time, Herbal medicine is needed in addition to acupuncture.

Remark :

(1) Simple Bronchial impaction and Asthma could be treated by only Acupuncture and Moxa.

(2) Keep Warm, prevent common cold, exercise to create healther body for better immune system, stop smoking, avoid dust and fumes, avoid certain types of smells and food. 
Things that can trigger reactions smells: Cat Urine and Feces and, fur from Cats and Dogs, dust mites, pollen... etc