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Medical Insurance Coverage and Billing


We do accept medical insurance, unless policy does not provide coverage or has conditions we cannot accept.

    There are many people that come to me and expect us to provide insurance claim service when their medical insurance does not provide acupuncture within their policy - in those cases we cannot provide claims coverage.
Medicare will not accept acupuncture and therefore we cannot accept medicare.   Anthem will only cover acupuncture in hospitals that have acupuncturists in staff but, will not provide acupuncture coverage for privately operated acupuncture clinics, a good example would be acupuncture anesthetics before an operation. Anthem Blue cross Shield will only provide payment to the patient after treatment is provided and not the medical provider. Therefore, Medicare, Anthem and Anthem Blue Cross Blueshield is not accepted.

Insurance claims and billing is provided by a professional insurance claims and billing company and not processed at the clinic.