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neck-arm syndrome(neck-arm painful, disc)

neck-arm syndrome(neck-arm painful, disc)



When the neck hurts, normally the arm, hand, and even fingers hurt, the fact that pain flows from the neck to arm, hand and fingers "neck-arm syndrome".



There are many reasons that the neck will hurt but, the foremost reason is high colesterol and for this case, the back bend of the neck to the back of the head will hurt. Secondly, neck disc prolapsed and cervical vertebra degeneration causes pressure on the cervical nerve which causes headaches. If C6-7 or T1-2 nerve is pressureized by disc prolapse or degeneration, neck and shoulders will hurt and pain will travel down to the arm, hand or even the fingers. Thirdly, when the neck hurts from waking up, it is caused by bad sleep which could be the results of bad sleeping position and/or temperature control that caused the cold to enter through the neck.

Fourthly, liver yang uprising, induced high blood pressure or if liver yang goes up to the head; turbid energy and turbid blood could be stagnant which causes pain.




1)High pressure induced pain is treated by lowering the blood pressure or liver yang.


2)*something* neck-arm syndrome is treated by acupuncture and exercise; mostly, first acupuncture session yields 50% or greater results and even disc and vertebra degeneration could be healed with herbal medicine with 20 to 30 sessions of acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment position is the sitting position and neddles are inserted into the hand and feet and exercise is instructed; in the worst case, herbal medicine is also used along with cupping and blood letting.


3)Neck pain caused by sleeping wrong or bad body positioning could mostly be solved by 1-3 acupuncture session(s).