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Tao Explained

Tao Explained

Tao is a word but, also a seed that gives birth to all the materials of the world and creates movement of their course. Word is comprised of Ying and Yang and they unite and separate; just like destiny of people, they are born, grow old, get sick and eventually die. We could say it is the realization of cycle of life.

Tao could be realized or obtained by sincere student of taoism by God and communication; not only that but, different nations could come to understand each other and share secrets of life. Once life could be understood and it's secrets are known, it will give the power to heal any patients.

Among the famous men of Tao, the Yellow Emperor QiBo, BianQue, HuaTuo, ZhangZhungJing, LiShizhen, HerJun, HerIm, LeeJeMa, ShaAm, Bak Kwong Hyun, Dong Jingchang etc.

The realizations of the men of Tao have been passed down by the later generations but, cruel kings(at their time) inflicted deaths and book burnings unto them. Therefore, much has been passed on by spoken words. But, some pioneers gathered information passed on by words, one by one and put together a book that is as close to the original as possible by editing, which we are lucky to have.

I have tried to fill my knowledge by buying published books, however most of the books were mostly business advertising and were poor in substance. Recently, I discovered a book written by an activist of independence campaign against Japan (they are known as freedom fighters of South Korea - during the Korean War) who served for liberation and spent his life healing patients namely, Mr. Kim Il hwoan, teacher and author of Spiritual Medicine. He is a Sage that I have met through his book.

This gentleman's father was Kim Kyong Sam and mother GangReung of Ryu family.

He was 3rd oldest out of 7 sons and born on 3/25/1909 at Ham Nam, Hongwon-town, Ryunguoon, Republic of Korea. At the age of 16, he was an independence campaign freedom fighter and was detained by Japanese police named Lee Yong Hee from the Jo-Son Dynasty. He escaped from Chun Cheun Jail and hid in the deep mountains for about 20 years. From, 8/15/1945, after Korean Independence, he dedicated his life to healing poor patients.

Tao is obtainable after letting go of selfish desires. Tao could be lost if one gives into selfish desires. Let's look at some of the ways to give respect and give thanks to the origins of Tao and it's teachings:

1.Origin of endless life / fountain of life

Moxa not only heals all the bodily diseases, it also elevates the human mind to an improved state toward a spiritual awaking. The human body's root of physical movement is gate of vital and triple burner.

Gate of vital has negative(-) ion and triple burner's positive(+) ion compose to form Kwon Won meridian and we could express it as the Original Space. Human being's previous life is filmed in the governing vessel and this/present life is recorded in the conception vessel. Governing vessel is channel made ofprevious spiritual life. From this, gao huang plays the part of (acts as a pivotal/catalyst for) pivotal role in previous spiritual and intelligence leaving the body acts as a barrier=entrance through brain-gate of vital. Conception vessel is comprised of ancestor spirit and earth spirit forming channel and from this, the most important point ,guanyuan point, is the result of the separation of spirit and body, which acts as either barrier or entrance to the afterlife.

If warm-wood moxa is used to stimulate the guanyuan point for a prolonged time, governing vessel's goa huang previous spiritual and present spiritual. To reiterate, moxa fire's deep stimulation eliminates trouble, fance, distracting thought and returns clarity to one's mind (immersion of mental concentration) which causes cool, warm, delicate feeling/sensation to the lower abdomin and that is the sign of two spiritual passing. This is the lower platform in which you could see the beginning sign of obtaining/gaining Tao and for some period of time you could enter stage of self loss and taste joy.

After the last phase, continuous moxa treatment of about 12 years or more, then middle platform could be reached which results in the heart becoming light to it's original state then the soul opens which lets you find "bright in mind". If this middle platform of Tao is reached, a part of "brain-gate of vital" opens then, gao huang point shows previous life and all it's contents and the mysteries and the inner workings of the universe would be known.

When, starting moxa treatments half grain sized moxa is used to start and after some time(between 5 to 10 days) moxa that has burn time of 5 minutes are used.

After one year of moxa treatments, we could calculate '5 minute' moxa being used as follows: 41-50 year olds, 500 times, 51-60, 1000 times, 61-70 2000 times, 71-80 3000 times. For 40 years old and younger, moxa treatments within the range of 200 -300 is used because, fire toxic could result from the bodily heat.

While moxa treated every night(just before sleep) for 2-3 hours, if "mu a gheung" channel is felt, when the body reaches a level where moxa-fire deep stimulation/pain could be conquested, continuous moxa is needed.

Many days and nights of continuous moxa treatments later, when the selfish state is over, hot sensations are felt again; when this is reached, moxa treatments are suspended and ointment or gallbladder, then extracting medicine is used to completely and safely remove pus. Using various moxa methods, every year, (spring and fall), continuous moxa treatments higher mental dimensional level could be reached and many illnesses could be said to be prevented.

2. Moxa obstinate healing/treatment

Worm-wood moxa treats many incurable diseases, obstinate disease and cures them. For example, blindness of the eye, infant encephalitis, cerebral meningitis and it's after effects, cancer of all kinds, inflammation, epilepsy, leprous, hunchback, and cripple-ness could be all healed. Ofcourse, there will be long periods of extreme pain that have to be endured that vary but, the price of the treatments are worth it compared to any other healing methods.

3. Moxa treatments of the incurable

1) Cerebral Palsy, poliomyelitis, tuberculous arthritis, incurable neuralgia, myelitis numb, hunchback, crippled, cyllosis.

* Treatment period: about age 15 sees the fastest, next will be about age 20, then about age 25, and finally age 30 will take the longest to complete treatments.

It may take as short as 1 year or as many as 5 years to completely heal and at that time, moxa treatments will stop and recurring prevention with whole life health will be maintained with moxa(5 minute burn time, for 50 times) beginning in August or September, continuing treatments until Spring.

2) Encephalitis, Cerebral Meningitis

Following acupuncture, appetite returns but, the aftereffect of mental weakness, poliomyelitis, epilepsy could possibly manifest unless moxa treatments are done.

1) Blindness, Cataract, Glaucoma and all types of eye disease, mute, deaf, stammerer,

2) Brain Cancer


[Treatment Period] with wood-warm moxa all types of ailments are treated. Consitiutional and ailments of varying symptoms from severe to light could be treated in as little as 1 year and as long as 5 years to see the results.

[moxa methods] when doing moxa, we must be cautious to start from the top to bottom and accelerated moxa burn must NOT be performed by blowing air into moxa. If moxa treatment goes from the bottom towards the top of the body, the effectiveness the reduced.

4. Fire Acupuncture and Garlic Moxa is used to possibly treat cancer-tumor. A disease that could see immediate results from Fire Acupuncture and Garlic Moxa are: Infant Mumps, erysipelas, cancer under arm, tumor on back, buttock's tumor, tumor on nape, groin in shoulder, finger-toe carcinomo, and malignant tumor.




mung bean

























 Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is comprised of wood, animals, insects, grains, plants, fruit... etc. Of all the Herbal medicines one of the ingredient is mineral including: natural copper, naenatite, scaleitum serpentinum, succinum; there are only a handful mineral ingredients. Sulfer which is posinous, is fed to ducks and then duck meat or egg is consumed to indirectly absorb sulfer to treat silments. Outside of that, plants containing poison called pinellia, aconote, Korean aconium, cnidium, dry Chinese lacquer... etc are poison scrubbed before usage. For example, viper's poison is very good for treating ailments but, we do not use the poison directly. The viper is killed and maggot is cultivated on the dead viper's body and then, the maggot is fed to chicken to finally the chicken is used for medicine use. The rest is herbal ingredients that is not poisonous even if consumed directly. To explain just what is herbal medicine, east sea of Korea produces dry whiting which is used to treat poisoning from briquet gas, ingestion of toxic chemicals, fire burn, alcohol poisoning, and it's effects are immediate. After overdrinking, Korean wives immediately make dry whiting soup, and even in the case of black outs, conscience comes back after drinking dry whiting soup. When thermal burns are received, the burned areas become smooth from "fire toxic" and tingling and burning sensation are felt; if dry whiting soup is consumed, "fire toxic" disappears, appetite returns, and cucumber smelling, burnet is appplied, pain subsides. Coal briguet fired floors were/are used in some countries and the poisoning from briguet gas, if warmth of the chest is still there, the victim could survive by consuming dry whiting soup. Analyzation by modern science cannot find any evidence of poison being eliminated by dry whiting composition. Even if modern science cannot find the ingredient/composition of the dry whiting that makes a alcohol induced blacked out person, it still works to give conscience back to an alcohol induced blacked out person. . Dry whiting must be of the 'east sea of Korea', otherwise it does not work. Before we had drugs to exterminate parasites, if there were parasites in the stomach, consumption of pomegranate bark eliminated roundworm would have eliminated the parasites but, people did not use them. Even sufficated victims(if there is still warmth/soul) could be revived by obtaining blood from the hen's comb and dropped onto the mouth. Just what connection does blood from hen's comb have to do with reviving a suffocation victim? Unless Tao is reached, the answer will never be revealed.



Herbal medicine ingredients that humans cannot directly consume could be fed to duck, pig, dog, chicken, black goat and then be used as ingredients for medicine.

In recent times, development of science has created environmental disruptions has increased. In farming, many different agricultural chemicals and weeding chemical, extermination chemical are used and it's production from factories produce waste such as lead, mercury, and chemicals that flow into rivers which pollute the drinking water and pollute the air we breath. Manipulation of the atoms have also given birth to new diseases and even cancer like obstinate diseases.


What is commonly refered to as migraine headache is caused by liver qi stagnation or liver yang uprising or liver fire blazing. the channel that connects from the head to the liver and liver tube are connected through the eye and is said to "open" the eye but, with modern science, it cannot be verified. There are people that have the ability to see through the body, a person that has obtained Tao, who could see the things such as the liver tube. Even without the ability to see inside a person's body, if we place the needle in the correct points, such ason the hand and the feet and the head, migraine disappears and if herbal medicine is used prevents migraine from redevelopment. Glaucoma and other eye ailments could be solved by needling the right acu-point in the back of the neck, on the hand, the feet, and on the eye ball but, the problem is, very few acupuncturists in the world have the knowledge and the skill to do it. I have treated many patients and in the case of pain in the neck and back, usually one or two treatments were enough to completely cure them but, a few did take 5-6 months to completely cure. black spots on the face could be eliminated by moxa treatment and to not leave any scars skill is needed.

Mysterious and marvelous world of Oriental Medicine/acupuncture


In most cases, when the body has problems, patients go to western MD to be diagnosed and treated without knowing the root cause and then finally decide to be treated with Oriental Medicine.

Recently, there have been a few patients with loss of balance, western MD's diagnostics found nothing wrong or were told surgery was necessary. Soem patients who were over the age of 45, after being told surgery was necessary received acupuncture in channels near the hand and 3 more channels, and after 15 minutes the needles were removed, immediately, balance was restored but, as a precaution, received 3 more acupuncture sessions and after 6 months or even 1 year later that same patient, did not have the same problem again; in another case, the western MD told the patient that there was nothing wrong; the patient came to me for acupuncture treatments and the same methods were used to completely cure that patient. The acupuncture point used treats ear ailment, inside the ear is the vesticular and it's loss of function causes balancing problems and could even cause vertigo; kwan ryuan acupuncture point stimulation treated and cured the ailment.

As a different example, diagnosis by a western MD stated torn meniscus pain at the knee and pain could not be prevented, for cases such as this, needles are inserted near the ankle and moxa is used near the knee; 3 -6 months of treatments will cure the ailment. Moxa treatment consists of burning natural plant/wood fiber and slight burn on the skin is unavoidable but, unless moxa treatment is not continued for the full duration, ailment cannot be cured. As described at the beginning for some ailments, moxa is the most effective compared to needling.

Dark spots that develop with age on the hand, arm and back could be eliminated by moxa. Lines on the face could also be eliminated but, research is still necessary. In the past life span was short and the need to eliminate lines on the face was not necessary and facial lifting is not documented but, the basic concepts are there. Lastly, a master of TCM's original test if encountered, could easily cure diseases but, I have only mastered only half of the written texts/books.

After effects of Acupuncture


No one in the world likes needles going into their body for no reason. Men and women of all ages do not like needles going into their body but, to treat disease/ailments and to feel less pain afterwards we subject ourselves to treatment.

However, during acupuncture treatment, sensation such as soreness, numbness, heaviness, stickiness are felt and I refer to them as electric shock. These electric shocks can vary from strong to weak but, electric shock has to be felt for the treatment to work. If these electric shock like needle sensation cannot be felt, and if insertion of needle cannot be felt, psychological treatment will be necessary first to have any effect. When acupuncture is performed, depending on wether it's a man, woman, old, or young along with their body type such as slender or fat, will affect the way needling will be felt. Men are most sensative to needling feeling and women feel more dull sensation. Slender person compared to a fat person will be more sensative, children compared to adults are more sensative. Also inexperienced(in receiving acupuncture) person compared to experienced person will be more sensative. A few years ago, a six year old child came to me after spraining his ankle, that child after believing his mother's claim that he will be able to participate in takwondo and soccer tomorrow after the treatment, asked me "Will I be able to exercise and play tomorrow?" to which I replied "Of course, you only need to receive acupuncture needles". The child replied "Let me think for a moment" and after five minutes laid on the table and received four needles; that child was able to play soccer the next day.


The human body, anatomatically, cannot receive acupuncture needle, where the needle could penetrate into the brain furthermore, central nervous system may not be penetrated and the method of needle insertion reflect that fact by inserting obliquely or subcutaneous. Points that have the kidney and liver receive shallow penetration of the needle of 5mm at the most. Points near the heart and lungs needles are inserted subcautaeous. channel under the ear is 2 cm away from the middle ear and point in front of the ear is 1 cm away to be safe and inserted 5mm at the most. The channel inside the eye ball is very demanding and it takes precision and concentration.

Basically, needling feeling is sensative in the face, to a greater degree in the hand and most sensitive in the feet. After acupuncture the points may feel some soreness and tingling; even thought it is rare, it is possible the needle gets stuck to the fiber of the muscle and when the needle is removed a few strands of the fibers may be damaged if the removal of the needle was sudden and fast. If the needle removal is done slow and twisted while removing, there will not be any problems. These small side effects are felt immediately after removal and the sensations disappear after a few minutes to a few hours naturally; there will only be discomfort in the insertion points. After acupuncture, there are a few patients(likely 1 or 100) that may experience pain in a completely different area away from the insertion point which might happen a few hours, days later, these are not side affects of acupuncture. My ancestors have been practicing acupuncture for thousands of years without problems because it is safe.




Cupping treatment


This is a method where air is expanded by heat in a confined space, allow the excess air to escape and then contract by cooling thereby expelling pus, or any undesired substances from deep within the tissue of the body.

Bamboo cup

Ceramic Cup

Glass Cup

Modern Cup