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Zang-Fu Organs

1) The Five Zang Organ

(1) The Heart
1. dominating the blood and vessels and manifesting on the face
2. housing the mind
3. opening into the tongue

(2) The Liver
1. storing blood
2. maintaining the free flow of Qi(chi)
3. controlling the tendons and manifesting in the nails
4. opening into the eye

(3) The spleen
1. governing transportation and transformation
2. controlling blood
3. dominating the muscles and four limbs
4. opening into mouth and manifesting on the lips

(4) The lung
1. dominating qi(chi) and controlling respiration
2. dominating dispersing, skin and hair
3. dominating descending and regulating the water passages
4. opening into the nose

(5) The kidney
1. storing essence and dominating development and reproduction
2. dominating water metabolism
3. receiving qi(chi) from lung
4. dominating bone, manufacturing marrow to fill up brain and manifesting in the hair

2) The six Fu organ

(1) gall-bladder
1. store bile and continuously excrete it to the intestines to aid digestion
2. Qi descend

(2) the stomach
1. receive and decompose of food
2. descending

(3) the small intestine
1. reception and digestion
2. separates the clear from the turbid
3. absorbs essential substances and part of the water from the food
4. residue of the fodd to the large intestine and of the water to the bladder

(4) the large intestine
1. it is to receive the waste material sent down from the small intestine
2. absorb water content and expell the remainder into feces to be execreted

(5) the bladder
1. temporary storage of urine which is discharged from the body

(6) the triple energizer

3) extra Fu Organ

(1) brain
(2) uterus