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Animals get Acupuncture
1.Animals could get acupuincture, Yes?  No?

It may sound crazy for animals to get acupuncture, but the animal's life is same as man.   If an animals gets sick,they get an acupuncture by rubbing against tree or rock by itself to regulates Qi-Blood.

2.Animals get a treatment with relieved pad.

If an animal has problems in the skin or muscle, they rub mud on the body and then take the mud off after drying the muds by sun tanning, that is self therapy.

3.Animals get herb therapy. 

If an animal has Illness, they take strange herbs they normally do not ingest.

Chinese medicine requires tremendous experience to practice art of healing.

It is difficult to explain (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine in scientific terms. Some acupuncturists received government grants after claiming the significance of stomach movement via ultrasound when acupuncture needles were placed on Li10 and St36 points.   However, this has been documented and well known since long ago that Li10 and ST36 points in the areas of meridian has been used for indigestion, non-movement of stomach and to cure stomach diseases therefore, it is not necessary to use ultrasound.   Great forefathers have handed down experiences and it is improper to present the case as if a new theology has been created or invented.   Meridian or acupuncture points are included in records of forefathers who have reached Daotong from high level of experiences.

Experinces that led to results of Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used widely for medical practice to cure diseases but, has also caused adverse reactions or accidents.   From heaven's essence, humans are born but are nurtured and affected by earthly essence to prolong livelihood.   The food that are consumed easily and daily are tasty and have good nutrients for the body but food that are unpalatable and difficult to eat such as bitter, spicy, sour, pungent foods cause the dietary deficiency due to lack of consumption.   In addition, metabolic change might occur and lead to imbalance even with food that has been consumed before.   In turn, special food(herb) has been used to treat these deficiencies but has caused some worsening conditions leading to possible deaths.   Today, prescriptioned herbs has been perfected and advanced from previous experiences from treating the above symptoms, therefore, it should been used with solemn gratitude to those who have contributed to advancement of herbs.

1. The snake that ate the fake egg.

   There is a story of a farmer that raised a hen that was able to eat a fresh egg every day but, starting one day he noticed there were no eggs produced from the hen.   The baffled farmer observed the hen when it was about time to produce an egg, and saw a python swallow the freshly laid egg.
   The farmer thought to himself "I will teach this snake a lesson!".   The farmer carved wood to the shape of an egg and held it to his body and switched the fresh egg with the wooden egg and observed.
   The python appeared shortly and swollowed the wooden egg, climed up a tree and tried to squeeze itself and fell down intentionally to break the egg in it's body.   After a few times the snake gives up trying to break the wooden egg and slidders away but, the farmer followed.   After crossing a water stream and a ridge, the snake ingested herbs that made his ingestion problem disappear and disappeared.  
   The farmer took the particular herbs and started treating patients with stomach problems and the farmers treatment became famous/legendary.

2.The spider and the giant bee

   There was a house in th fields and in the shade of the back yard, was a spider that had a web.   A giant bee became stuck on the spider web and was struggling.   The spider tried to wrap the giant bee, was stung and fell to the floor.   After a few minutes, the spider which, seemed dead, climed up and tried to wrap the bee again.   This repeated many times and was observed by the home owner and he noticed that there were damp moss growth on that same floor where, the spider fell.   The home owner concluded that the particular moss had the power to heal bee sting and used the treatment to remarkable success.

3. The scholar and sinusitis

   Long time ago, there was an only son of a rich family and he has a problem with his sinus.  His nose constantly had disgustingly smelly, yellow runny mucus coming our of his mostrils.   One day, the discouraged son left his family and traveled north.   The people that he met on a town far away, were very kind to him and accepted him.  
   Lucky for him it was spring which, was the season for an unknown flower, the town people made medicine made with it and fed it to him for about 15 days.   His sinus problems started disappearing and after about one month, the problem had disappeared.   The stranged son of the wealthy family returned with the nedicine and the treatment he brought back became legendary.


1.Regulating of Yin and Yang

2.Strengthen the body Resistance and Eliminating Factors

3.Distinguishing the primary from the Secondary

a.Dicide to treat whether Primary first or secondary

b.Treating different disease with the same method

c.Treating the same disease with different method

d.Treating primary and secondary at same time

4.Treatment of Diseases According to Climatic and Seasonal Conditions, Geographical Locations and the Individual Conditions


1.Selection of near by points

a.adjacent point

b.local point

2.Selection of distant points

a.combining the above with the below.

b.combining the left with the right (or crossing combination)

c.combining the exterior with the interior

d.combining the local with the distant.

※distal points are located below the elbows and knees. selection of distant points forms an important part in the point selection and to using specific points on the four Extremities pertain to distant points

3.selection of symptomatic points