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New Patient FAQ

What kinds of health issues do you deal with?
I deal with many health issues and it's too many to list here.   I have a section called "Healing" that has a list that we are continuing to add onto.  

Does Acupuncture hurt? If so, how badly does it hurt?
I would have to describe it as a "tingling" sensation or slight discomfort.   The answer is not so simple because, everyone's body is diffent.   It doesn't hurt as much as you may be thinking of.   We definately minimize "pain" according to each patient.

It's definitely worth some temporary discomfort for the treatments.  

How many treatments will I need?
That is hard to say because every illness and person is different.   There have been some patients that have become free of chronic pain after only a few treatments.

Do I need to take Herbal Medicine?
Not everyone needs Herbal Medicine.   For a mild case where injury/illness is recent, you may not need it.   

Some of my patients came to me only as a last resort, after suffering for a long time and the symptoms being chronic, they require Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

What happens with the Initial Visit?
I will perform a comprehensive examination and evaluation.   I will ask you to fill out new patient forms, ask many questions, examine the illness you are suffering from... etc.
It will last about 1 to 2 hours depending on what I have to do. (Dont worry, I DO NOT charge more for the Initial visit !)

What happens in the Acupuncture Session?
There will be inserting needles into the points which may(or may not be) be where the pain is.   There are good reasons for my needle placements.    For example, I may put the needle in to your hand or feet even though, the pain is in the shoulder.  

Do you take Health Insurance?
I will do my best to take insurance but, understand that Health Insurance Companies have policies that may cover Acupuncture.   We will have to call for each patients to find out.   Bring your insurance card and we will find out.

Anthem policies usually cover Acupuncture.

Do you take Health Insurance Savings Accounts?
Yes.   Some Health Savings Accounts issue charge cards which could be used like a regular credit card.   Other Savings Accounts could be used on a reimbursement basis.

Do you handle Auto Accident Insurance Cases?
Yes.   We have successful experience in taking Auto Accident Insurance Cases.   We could recommend a Law Firm that was had dealings with.