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Neurodermatitis (chronic simple lichen)

Neurodermatitis (chronic simple lichen)


Neurodermatitis is chronic pruriginous neurodermatitis. This one often get sick and is distributed by symmetry. The symptoms appears in the neck, elbow,popliteal fossa and, sacrum

In (TCM)Traditional Chinese Medicine is is called 'cowhide lichen'.


There is severe itching that is localized and if rubbed, papule appears and gone by time it changes into lichen shape. Emotion states are uneasiness and if the mind is irritated the symptoms are worse. If the attack repeats or if suffered for long, that is difficult to heal.



Principle treatment : invigorate blood and, remove obstruction from the connecting channels

Main point : Li11,Sp10

Extra point : Li4,Sp6, Ashi point

2. Auricular acupuncture

Main point : Lung, shenmen, adenal, liver, subcortex

3. Bloodletting : 1-3drop out in the retroauricular vein

4. Herbal medicine : XXXXX ointment

[prescribed example]

(1)Gb20, Du14, Li11, Li4, St36, Sp6, Ub36, Ub40

Seven star needle is used for medium impulse and bleeding.