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Neck Pain

It is a decrease in space between cervical vertebrae by liquid in the Cervical disc or prolapse of Cervical Disc or Hypertension or invasion of Wind-Cold.   Also Sondylosis, Cervical Vertebra Sprain, Spinal Osteoarthritis also the potential as well.


   Stiff in the nape and spasm of muscle, pain come from nape and shoulder ot scapula or upper arm or forearm or, hands and ginger or ginger tip.   Also the movement of head is limited by pain.   if you have pain at the midpoint of the line connecting C7 and the acromion to push down, it indicates on has C6-C7 problem, especially getting painful at the 4th-5th finger.   If you get hurt on the scapula, in the depression of the center of the subcapula fossa and, the level of the 4th thoracic vertebrae to touch, it indicates T1 problem.   If one has painful feeling which are heavy and always dull which, is at the occiput head and along nape with arm and finger, it comes from hypertension.
   If just action were limited, it comes from the invasion of Wind-Cold.   The character of pain are tingling and soreness that is hypertension.   If the pain is burning, it indicates that cervical nerve was pressed or C-Disc problem or the space between vertebra that was narrow.   Differentiation between Cervical Vertebra and Thoracic Vertebra is most important


Principle Treatment :

Promote healing of tissues, regulate meridian of Small Intestine and triple energizer channel and Urinary bladder channels, Qi, spread the new.

1. Acupuncture Stimulation:

Main Point : SiX + GbXX with exercise, Sp10, Sj5, SiXX, tender point
Extra Point : C1-C7HTJJ, Sj16, Si11, Sj12, SiX, Du14

Tech : Mild or Strong Stimulation, fire needle at tender point, electro-acupuncture in four limbs' point.

2. Cupping :

Cupping after acupuncture at tender point to bleedletting by seven star needle.

3. Seven Star Needle :

Main Point : Ub10, Du14, Gb21, Si14, []u16, Ub12, C1-C4HTJJ
Extra Point : Gb20, Ub64, Sj3, Sj10

4. Qi Acupuncture :

Main Point : Luozhen

5. Auricula Acupuncture : 

Main Point : Nape or Cervical Vertebra
Tech : Strong Stimulation

[example of prescription]

1. Can't look over back and nape stiff : Si1, Si2, Si5, Gb12, Ub60, Si8, Ub2

2. Can't fall/lay face down :  Ub64, Ub10
Can't turn one's head to the side : Ub42, Gb15
Can't look over back : Sj16, Si3
Nape Stiff : Ub10
Pain in the neck and shoulder-back : Sj10

3. Stiff Nape : Rn24, Du16, Si3

Herbal Medicine : XXXXXXtang, XXXXXXtang, XXXXXXXXXXXtang