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Lower Back Pain, Acute

1.Acute lower back pain

[conceptiom] Acute lower back pain is sprained waist in layman's terms, occurs mostly during activities such as lifting heavy objects, strenuous exercising, bending when lifting heavy objects, overworking, and bad posturing. Even an impact to lower back can lead to tender tissue damage. In severe cases, ligaments and muscles can tear or discs can herniate or out of lumbar vertebra joints and small vessels can lead to explosion(hemorrhage).

[manifestations]Once damaged, one or both sides of lower back might be in pain and symptoms might appear after half a day or a day later. It causes restriction on movement, pain alleviates upon rest but is resumed on movement and coughing. Muscles are tight on inspection with symptoms of squeezing and pulling pain. In cases of sprain, hematoma can be seen.


Acupuncture stimulation

1.Principle treatment; Promote healing of tissues, Regulate Du and Ub channel of Qi

Main point:Du26, Ub40, Ki2

Method: Du26 needs strong stimulation, Ub40 & Ki2 blood letting once a day

2.bloodletting & cupping

select point:tender point, bleeding 10ml out, after percuss strongly

3.auricula acupuncture

Main point:lumbo-sacral vertebrae,shenmen,brain,adrenal

Method:manipulate needle for a minute, rataining 15-30/m every day one time or embed intradermal seed for 1-7 days.

[Prescription example]

1.Du⨉⨉,⨉⨉⨉ ⨉⨉⨉⨉ ⨉⨉⨉ with exercise

2. when can't twist the waist, or walking, leg tremble:Ki1

3.sprain with flank pain:Lu5,Li11,Li4,Sp6, Gb34,Liv3,St36,Li10

4.Sprain with pain:Lu5,Ub40,Du26,Ub60,Ub65,Sj6,Gb34