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Lower Back Pain(disc, scietica neulogia)

Lower Back Pain:

   Lower back pain is likely and usually experienced by the physically working men and women that labor throughout the day.   We differenciate between 'acute lower back pain' and 'chronic lower back pain'.   In Acupuncture, the concept of 'acute lower back pain' is called 'sprained waist'; the pian is felt with activities, improper posture, lifting heavy objects, extreme exercise, lifting while curving/twisting the back or, prolonged work while in unnatural position.   If the backbone experiences an impact, the tender tissues could be damaged.
   In some severe cases, the ligament or muscle could tear or dics could be herniated and out of place with the lumbar vertebra joint and the small blood vessels and explosions could occur.   If manifestiated, pain will be felt with about 1/2 of a day; after one full day other forms of pain will be felt.
If you limit the pain by resting and not moving but, it wil not make your backbone any better; any body movement or even a sneeze will cause more pain than previously.   You will notice 'tightness', 'squeezing pain' and 'pulling pain' and they will be noticibly felt.   In sprain cases, hematoma could be seen.


acupuncture stimulation:

1.principle treatment:   promote healing of tissues, regulate Du and Ub channel of Qi
main point:   Du26 , Ub40 , Ki2
tech:   Du26 needs strong stimulation, Ub40 & Ki2 blood letting once a day

2. bloodletting & cupping
select point: tender point, bleeding 10ml out, after agitating strongly

3. auricula acupuncture
main point:   lumbo-sacral vertebrae, shenmen, brain, adrenal
tech:   turn needle for a minute, retaining 15-30/m every one time or 1-7 days of acupuncture that stays on you(don't worry it's not a regular needle) or 'seed acupuncture'

[Traditional Chinese Medicine]

1. DuXX, XXX, XXXX, XXX with exercise
2. When you can't twist the waist and, walk or have 'leg tremble' : Ki1