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(peri)knee joint tender tissue damage

Knee joint periphery tender tissue impaired

[concept]Knee joint periphery tender tissue mean that was damaged sinew, muscle ,ligament ,ligament, in around a knee joint ,it is be popularly know asimpair sinew.Mostly it caused from overwork,trauma,tired that was acculated

in clinical practice, can be observed both side of collateral ligament impaired,crossligament impaired,subpatellar ligament impaired.

[manifestation]it appears swelling-distending pain, movement dysfunction, press painful at a area where get a damaging after impaired.in cases of impaired in the both collateral ligament come a depression pain at the condylus med-lateral femoris. if test the diseased Knee to adduction and eversion,there is pulling pain.in cases of being over the range of normal which are adduction and eversion, may have tearing the ligament. if cross ligament impairment is swelling-pain,it is nopress pain to deep as an area where get impaired .if tearing, will have hematoma in knee joint cavity.subpartellar impairedment of onset is slow, have press pain in subpartellar both side of muscle quadriceps femoris.generally, only there is chronic soreness but not swelling-pain.


principle treatment: promote healing of tissue, spread sinew, invigorate channel


Main point:St35,Neixiyan,Ub40,tender point


Should differentiate from chronic arthritis. while the the area where have press pain in subpartellar impairedment similar with meniscus,must diferentiate by history of disease, meniscus test X-ray.

[prescribed example]

(1)deformate:UbXX,UbXX,XX,StXX,XXX: Moxa