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History of Acupuncture
Brief History of Chinese Medicine

   Traditional Chinese Medicine's beginnings cannot simply be explained.   There are many school of thoughts on this subject as there are guesses such as 2500 or 4000 years old for example but, no one knows the absolute beginnings.  
   The only notable example is "The yellow emperor's classic internal medicine - simple question" published 100BC which is about 2100 years old.   Even in modern day China there are families and tribes that have close bonds and pass down the knowledge to each genarations.   The forefathers of Traditional Chinese Medicine observed natural phenomenons and unlocked the beginnings of the methods used today.   The properties of ying, yang and the 5 elements were discovered and they used tools that were readily available to them  at the time such as thorns, metal needles, bamboo cupping, herbs ... etc to use in healing diseases and ailments.   The knowledge was passed on by the word of mouth.   The development of paper in china during the Han Dynasty allowed the ability to publish Books which allowed great development and spread of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
   Also Traditional Chinese Medicine is still developing due to the some of the key personnels in China, Korea and Japan from the fabled beginnings to even as we speak.   The basis of the Traditional Chinese Medicine is still based on "The yellow emperor's classic internal medicine - simple question"