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   Hepatitis is an Acute Infection Syndrome.   The outbreak is caused by the hepatitis virus by invading through the alimentary channel.   HAV(Hepatitis A Virus) could be contracted by contact with an infected person, polluted foods, drinks or, water.   HBV(Hepatitis B Virus) could be contracted by injection with needle(unsterilized & used ), transfer or bodily fluids with hepatitis.   After the body is infected, cellular diffuse degeneration starts.

From the Chinese Medicine theory, in differential diagnostics the Hepatitis disease is pertained(classified) in the range of Liver Diseases.  In a few cases, crucial hepatitis(acute type) is similar of sudden jaundice.   Book of LingShu(100BC), Liver Fat makes a fullness below the flank, pulling pain in the lower abdominal, stasis of nutrition and defensive, true exterior factor invading and, the book of DanXiXinFa(12AD) about, the jaundice which breakout from the epidemicity's stasis of heat, as this infection factor is recorded.   Generally, 'damp heat' affects the Spleen and Stomach by 'steam' and Liver Qi loses it's ability to in dispersing and extending.

[manifestation] Hepatitis virus are of types A, B, C, D and, E

1. HAV (Hepatitis A Virus) : Naturally occurs in dirty/filthy environments and where fecal matter exists. Often, the spread of HAVis through contaminated food and water but, the virus can travel through through contaminated surfaces such as hands.   The incuvation period is between 15 - 50 daysand it can suddenly show symptoms such as no appetite, fatigue, nausia, dark urine and, jaundice.   The symptoms usually disappear after about 2 months but, for some people which could be about 15%, could keep having re-outbreak for 6 - 9 months.   Once infected by the HAV, the person will be immune and will not be infected and have an outbreak.

2. HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) : Incuvation period is 50 - 180 days and the symptoms are as follows:

sense of unpleasantness
no appitite
abdominal pain
painful joint
The above symptoms will be surface in 2 - 6 weeks and might include Fatigue and Melancholy and might even continue for a few months.   For 70% of patients that recover, even if the symptoms disappear, the virus does not get disappear and could cause outbreaks months later.   Some 5 - 10% will live with the disease for the rest of their lives; it could possibly cause Liver Cirrhosis or Liver Cancer.   Vaccine is available for HBV(Hepatitis B Virus).

3. HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) : Incuvation period is 20 - 90 days and generally, symptoms appear at about 5 - 10 weeks.   The possibility of contagiousness is from 1 week to Late/Chronic Stage.   At first there are no symptoms but, it is followed by no appetite, dry heaves, vomiting, and might even entail Jaundice.   Patients half the times will develop slow forming early stages of  liver cancer that many times develop rapidly into Liver Cirrhosis or Liver Cancer

4. HDV (Hepatitis D Virus) : HDV does not have the ability to replicate itself therefore, it is an unstable virus that needs the assistance of HBV(Hepatitis B Virus) to replicate.   The Virus mostly appears to affect needle using Drug users and hemophilia patients.   The HBV vaccine is also effective against HDV.   It is hard to diagnose between HBV and HDV and if they combine, it could develop into Acute Hepatitis and dormant HBV could become a serious threat.

5. HEV (Hepatitis E Virus) : The Original discovery is connected to fecal water contamination.   Incuvation period  is 30 - 40 days and sudden fever, nausia and, loss of appetite can develop.   Within 1 - 2 weeks and maybe months the symptoms maybe diverse, if pregnant women contracts the disease, the mortality rate is very high and, there are no vaccine available.


1. Acupuncture :

Principle Treatment : Clear heat eliminate dampness, expend Liver Qi
Main Point :
1. Du14, Du9, Ub18, Ub19, Ub20
2. Gb34, St36
3. Sp9, Sp6
Tech : Du14, Du9 are used as main points and the points in #2 & #3 as noted above are alternated  to provide mixture of mild and strong stimulation, every day or every other day.

2. Auricula Acupuncture : Hepatitis Point, Liver, Triple Burner, Sypathetic, Gallbladder, Liver-Yang Point

[Prescribed Example]

(1) Ub19, Liv3, Gb34, Ub18, Du9, St36, Ub20, Liv14, Ub10

(2) Bitter and fullness below the flank : Liv1, Liv2, Liv8, Liv3, Liv6, Liv14
      & Acupuncture with moxa 100/Du8 : Moxa

(3) Hyperchondiac Pain : Gb38, Gb44, Sj5, St36, Sj6, Liv13, Liv4, Gb34, Liv2, Liv14, Gb40, Ki1
      Distension of cgest and hyperchondriac pain : Sp4, St36, Liv3, Sp6

(4) Serious flank pain : Liv14, Liv13, Liv4, Gb34, Liv3, Gb40, Ki1

(5) Yellow with slightly heat : Liv4, St36
      Jaundice, floating without appetite : Du6
      Jaundice, Yawn, floating in flank, nausia, heaviness : Ub20