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Facial Paralysis(bell's palsy)

facial paralysis(bell's palsy)


The facial paralysis arises the stroke by hypertension or liver fire blazing up from central facial nervous system. The peripheral facial paralysis occurring without a stroke is due to injury of the peripheral nerves alone. In the paralysis following Wind-stroke the nerves above the eyes are not affected, i.e. the movement of the eyebrows and furrowing of the forehead are normal. In the peripheral facial paralysis the patient will not occur on the paralysed side. In other words, the two most prominent signs in facial paralysis following a stroke are deviation of an eye and the mouth.



Wind-stroke is caused by high blood pressure or liver fire blazing; bell's palsy is caused by cold wind invading the body especially "Foot Tai Yang Stomach Channel" is affected by "wind-toxin" which causes the cheeks to be scale and harden. The lip area is especially affected. "Empty-tired wind" induced symptoms such as eye discharge; lips and cheeks shaking and distortion is refered as "facial tic"


[Acupuncture Therapy]

Distal points: Li4+Liv3,Tb5

Local points:

Gb20,Gb14,Tb23,Gb1,Yuyao+Ub2),St2,Si18,Li20+Yintang,St7,St6+St4,Li19,Du26, Rn24

Extra points:Rn11,Si17,Qianzheng,

*Electro-acupuncture is the most effective

[Herb medicine]