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Dermatofibroma (Skin Tag)

Dermatofibroma (Skin Tag)



As we get older, collagen of corium and elastin tissue fibers weaken, leading to dry, loose saggy skin. When that happens, small and soft growths that look like nodules form, attaching loosely to anterior chest, around the eyes, neck, arm pits and soft areas of body, which, are known as mild fiber abscess of skin.



Skin tag, otherwise known as dermatofibroma is non-contagious, it is most commonly found in those who have aging skin band predisposition to obesity.

[Differentiation from TCM]

In the terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is a problem related to the lungs, large intestine, heart and, liver. Skin and Hair are regulated by Lung-Qi, if there is an inadequate Lung-Qi, defensive Qi Will lose its functions and can not control derma(skin), hair and pole(sweat gland). Large intestine is an organ that excretes food wastes and, if function of large intestine weakens, the gas from food wastes would spread to the internal body. The lungs and large intestine are organs that are related to, of course, exterior and interior which directly affect the skin. In addition, heart regulates the blood and blood vessels, if they weaken and has inadequate power for blood to circulate, Nutritive-Qi and Defensive-Qi will not function together leading to clots. Additionally, Liver functions as storage for blood and controls Qi of a body by stretching internal-Qi. If the Damp-Heat is accumulated in Liver or Stagnation of Liver-Qi or Liver-Fire raising to the head up, those can result in formation of Dermatofibroma.

[ Manifestation]

Large nodule-like growths can form on eye lids, chest, and arm pits and can be unpleasant as having a skin disease. Although dermatofibroma is not a risk to health, it causes un-easiness and anxiety. There is no pain nor itchiness but theses small, hard lumps spread leading to unpleasant sight. Initially, it starts off being small but becomes the size of beans as it spreads to surrounding areas. Dermatofibroma can be treated with surgical removal and electrocauterization but freezing with liquid nitrogen and laser therapy usually leaves a scar and risk of becoming noticeable again after some years.




Treatment Principle : Spread Lung-Qi, promote to descend the power of the large intestine's function, calm the mind, harmonized the Lesser Yang.

Main point : Sj6, St26, St39, Li4, Liv3

Extra point : Lu9, Ub13, Ub43, Rn12, St36, Sp10, Ub17, Li11, Liv13, Ub22

Rn3, St28=Female / Rn4, Rn6=Male

2.Auricular acupuncture : Lung, Kidney, urticaria, antitragic Apex, back lung

3.Herbal medicine : XXXXWan , XXXWan