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Common Cold & Flu

Common cold & flu


Cold is literally impaired wind, caused by virus or bacillus infections. It can occur in all four seasons but, most common in cold and chilly climates or during the winter. According to chinese medicine, this disease is invaded by wind pathogenic factors leading to loss of function that causes dispersion and descension of Lung's Qi. Lung's Qi pass through nose and combines with skin and hair, resulting in invasion of skin and hair follicle by exterior pathogenic factors. The above will easily change and cause wind-cold to change into heat.


Wind-Cold : pulling headache, Chill and fever, no sweat, sore in the four limbs, nose stuff or runny nose sneeze, aversion to wind and cold,Tong is red-pale with slightly pale coating, pulse are floating-tight.

*Wind-cold's exthogenic pathway: By Skin and Hair

Wind-Heat: distending headache,sore throat,cough,yellow phlegm, severe fever,slightly chill, minimal Phlegm. Slightly Yellow coating,Pulses are Floating-Rapid

*Wind-Heat exthogenic pathway: By mouth and nose


Principle treatment:Releases exterior pathogenic, expel wind(wind-Cold)

Releases exterior pathogenic,clear heat(wind-Heat)


Main point:Wind Cold:Gb20,Lu7,Du14,Sj5

Wind Heat:Li20,BiTong,Ynitang,Taiyang,Rn22

extra point:St40,Ub12,Ub13,C5-T4HTJJ

Tech:Gb20 mid-impulse/Stuff nose:Li20 through Bitong/headache:Yindang,Taiyang


sore of nape and back:St12,Ub13:Fire cupping or moving cupping

(2)Auricular acupuncture : Lung,Trachia,Inner nose,throat,cheek

[prescribed example]

(1)Wind Cold:Main point:Du14,Lu7

Wind Heat:Main pint:Li4,Du14 / Lu11:bleeding

(2)Gb20,Du16,Du14, Gb1,Li11,St36,Sj6,St44,Ub41,Ub42,Gb29(Xinjian)

[Herbal treatment]

wind-cold without sweating:XXXXtang/with sweating:XXXtang

with phlegm:XXXXXtang


[remark] In the onset stage of cold, if treated early, can be treated with moxa and cupping sufficiently but on later stages with symptoms of tingling sensations to throat, highly recommend treating with moxa, acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine.